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Current characters at Dissideo: None. Previous played Naminé and Trunks Briefs, however.

Series: Kingdom Hearts
Age: 15 on technicalities.
Timeline: KH II ; before rescuing Kairi.

Personality: When first encountering Naminé there is a strange since of sadness and guilt that seems to loom around her. This originates from the moment she existed, because she had either been alone or held captive.

That loneliness is what made it so easy for Marluxia to use her to trap Sora. She is the Nobody of Kairi that had been created from Kairi’s heart being separated from Sora’s body. Thus, by her very nature Naminé is drawn to Sora. She longs for him. That very longing and the loneliness, made it hard to disobey Marluxia. She called for Sora, even when she knew the plans Marluxia had for him. She just didn't want to be alone, without him.

However, Naminé knew that she didn’t want Sora to become Marluxia’s pawn. So when the opportunity arrived for her to stop it, she took it. She didn’t want Sora to continue to lose his memories and even if it meant him hating her, or forgetting her, she was determined to make it right.

Naminé can come off as rather passive. Once around her longer, however it’s easy to see that she has a strong will to the point of being stubborn. She’s special for a Nobody. It seems that Naminé is capable of feelings that are closer to that of a complete person compared to the other known Nobodies. Most Nobodies claim that they are able to make it seem like they have emotions because they remember what it’s like to have them.  However, it’s known that Naminé does not have the memories of her other, Kairi, and would be unable to remember what it’s like to have a heart and the emotions that come with it.

This more than likely has a lot to do with her strong connection to Sora. Sora is known to stir up emotions, even those that aren’t there in the people that he’s around. Being that she was created when Kairi's heart was separated from Sora, Naminé is in a sense closer to Sora than anyone else with the exception of Roxas.

So, it seems that Naminé’s emotions are not feigned from memory but are actually natural to her.  Of course, this is only in theory and never proven.  She’s a strong believer that Nobodies are just as much of a person as their Other is, but in order to feel complete they must return to their Other.

Naminé doesn’t like her powers very much. Her entire “life” or more specific her existence, Naminé had beeb held captive one way or another and it was because of her powers. First when she was held by the Organization in Castle Oblivion and again when Diz held her to reconstruct Sora’s memories. Both times she was held simply to be used, though in the case of Diz she didn’t mind so much because it was her fault Sora was in the state he was in the first place. She only links her abilities to hurting people, hurting Sora, and she never wants to be responsible for doing that again. It will always cause that lingering guilt she holds over her head.

She doesn’t ever want to be used again, especially in the case where it would hurt people. She’s most likely a bit hypersensitive to the true intentions of people in whether they’re sincere or out to use her. The few exceptions to that would be Sora, Riku, Kairi, and Roxas.

Naminé has proven in her canon that she is extremely brave. She went out of her way to defy the Organization and DiZ to ensure the best for Sora and her Other. She jumped between both Larxene and Marluxia to protect Sora. She also on her own snuck into The World that Never Was to rescue Kairi, and was ready to defend her when they encountered Saix. It could be that being a Nobody she isn’t aware of what true fear is. However, again, with her it is truly unsure.  There also seems to be a very naïve side to her. This is most likely because she has not “existed” for very long. Though, you do see her grow out of some of the naïve nature from CoM to KH II.

Abilities: Naminé has been referred to in the game as a "witch" because of ability to manipulate memories. Though most of her powers are centered around the ability to manipulate Sora's memory, it's also possible for her to manipulate people he's connected to, and possibly people their connected to. Though the further away a person is connected to Sora the less likely she is capable of manipulating their memories. She executes her abilities by drawing pictures.

However, if they are within these limits, Naminé is able to create it. This includes, towns, spells, weapons, people, monsters, etc.

As a Nobody she is capable of open dark corridors. However, because of the nature of the this game, she'd be limited only being able to travel around the world instead of different worlds.

Weapon: Memory Tome

Preferred faction: Chaos; she was with this faction during the last cycle, however, she was stripped from the world before the cycle was completed. Naminé has always been forced to work for the "wrong" side.

Sample: (Providing 3 short ones)


A crystal? [The image of a frail looking girl appears over the feed. She tilts her head curiously at it, not realizing that it's recording her image. Her slowly rubs her finger tips across its surface, a far off look in her eyes.] Why is this so familiar? Heh, usually, I'm the one causing fuzzy memories. . . .


Dissideo Entry from first Cycle.

Title: Disarrayed Witch
Color: sky blue

Name of Stage: Oblivion Hall

Effect(s): Abilities are forgotten at random. They are relearned once exiting the level. Each time someone comes back to the level they may forget the same ability or a different one. For example if Cloud enters it one day he'll be unable to use Blade Beam for that particular fight but when he leave the level, he'll relearn it. Then once he enters it again he may forget Cross-Slash
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It's not all that great, but should give the residents and vistors a good layout of how everything is.

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I will update this accordingly as characters come and go.

Master Bedroom: Naminé
Bedroom 2: Ashton Anchors
Bedroom 3: Akira Inugumi
Bedroom 4: Empty

Attic Bedroom: Axel
Basement Bedroom: Empty

Please keep in mind the bedrooms are designed to hold one person a room. If you plan on moving in or out of the house, please be sure to contact me at lovepinkbananas on AIM first.

Characters who live in the house and do not work for Sea-Salt Icecream are expected to pay rent. Characters who work at Sea-Salt and live in the house do not have to pay rent, but are expected to help with the keep up of the house. (Grocaries, chores, etc.)


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